Our Alpacas

We have come to know our alpacas very well by now and even though they are physically similar – all having a sleek black coat and blue collars – their personalities are quite different. We thought we’d tell you a little about each one of our Peruvian pals and how they have blossomed since arriving at The Fitz.


Barolo is the confident one. His curiosity always shines through as he leads the rest of the herd to whatever their next destination may be. Never afraid to give anything a go, one of his favourite pastimes is to roll in the rushes or any dry soil he can find. If he were a celebrity, he would be Bear Grylls.


Barnaby is the clever one. Not to say that the rest of our alpacas aren’t clever, but he is a right brainbox. Always assessing situations before ploughing in (yes – we’re talking about you Barnaby!), he is also extremely cute and cuddly. If he were a celebrity, he would be Stephen Fry.


Bugatti is one of our new additions to the herd.  He has a lovely personality, he can be a little shy in the beginning but soon warms to you.  He is a pleasure to walk and loves exploring the area.  He is named after the racing car so if he were a personality he would be Lewis Hamilton

Black Knight

Black Knight is the sassy one. He makes us laugh with how he holds his head up and trots around doing his thing. He knows what he likes and doesn’t like and can sometimes be the greediest of the group, but will also stand on guard as if he were protecting the others. If he were a celebrity, he would be Piers Morgan.


Unlike another Boris we know (ahem!), Boris the alpaca is rather reserved. He tends to stay at the back of the group until he is completely happy with a situation, but he is growing in confidence each day. He has a very gentle temperament and you’ll sometimes see his head popping over a stone wall or gate to see what’s going on. If he were a celebrity, he would be Brad Pitt.


Another new addditon to our alpaca family. Titus is the father of the group. He is an award winning champion and is very sedate and regal, a joy to walk. He is very relaxed around people and loves to go on a walk. Titus was a Roman Emperor so he is aptly named. If he were a personality he would be Russell Crowe

These are the personality traits we have seen in our lovely alpacas. However, they might act differently with everyone they meet – depending on how comfortable they feel in your company.